10 Hard Water Facts Every UK Homeowner Should Know

Hard water is water with high mineral content. Normally, the high mineral content is caused by minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulating in the water during the water cycle. A good percentage of the population live on hard water and they will require the best water softener system to make the water soft and good for use.

Though hard water will not kill you, you will need to soften it for it to be used around home especially with some appliances. Therefore, you will need to know how to look for signs of hard water so that you can be able to get a water softener.

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Below are 10 facts you should know about hard water:

  • Hard water causes dry skin and flat hair

The main cause of this is because soap does not lather easily with the water when bathing and instead leave mineral deposits on your skin due to the reaction of the soap ingredients with the minerals in the hard water. If you use hard water for a very long time, your skin may also end up aging faster since the hard water strip moisture from the skin and also hinder the skin oil serum from working correctly as a result of the soap scum that is left on your skin blocking the pores. This also causes hair problems for many.

  • You will use more detergent for washing your clothes

Soap and other detergents do not lather properly in hard water. Therefore you will be required to add more to produce the lather.

  • Hard water causes stains on your clothes

The scum that forms from the reaction of the detergents and the minerals in the water are deposited on the linen causing stains which are mainly brown in color.

  • It also makes clothes and linen to feel rough

Normally, linen washed in hard water will retain some residues and therefore have some extra material on it which makes it feel a bit hard when touched.

  • Causes scale build up on faucets and pipe

The reaction of the minerals in the hard water forms solid residuals which stick to the sides of faucets and pipes. These deposits are known as scales. If they build up too much, they could result in the blocking of faucets and pipes and if there is pressure build up the pipes could burst.

Also, it could cause low water pressure from taps and even showers.

  • Ipswich has the hardest water in the UK

Ipswich water normally has very high levels of calcium carbonate.

  • Hard water will also cause ugly stains in your cutlery, sinks and water tab especially those made of ceramic and metal

This is normally as a result of the deposits after the minerals in the hard water reacts with surfaces or soap.

  • It results in higher consumption by appliances heating water

The deposits from hard water on the heating elements greatly reduce the efficiency of the heating element making them take longer than usual and also consuming more power than normal.

  • Hard water causes clogging of drip irrigation systems

As water drips and also evaporates from the dripping outlets, there are some mineral deposits which are left on these outlets and when they build up they cause blockage.

  • Hard water will also affect your garden

The minerals in the hard water could cause mineral build up in the soil of your garden. This is controlled by using good drainage and additives like gypsum.


5 Reasons The Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Is the Best

If you have a snitching feeling that your stained sinks and clogged drainage are an effect of hard water, the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener will come in handy. With this water softener, your family will enjoy the great taste of water, laundry and shower. You could do with some water softener review here. Below are 5 reasons the Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener is the finest.

Water softener for every household

Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener is available in different sizes stretching from 16,000 to 64,000 grains. Consider your family size when purchasing.

Sustained Equipment Life

You do not need to worry about replacing your water softener. This equipment comes with a ten year warranty. Besides, it has a valve assurance of five years.

Efficient Water Softening

Its inbuilt system softens water using the ion exchange technology. Your water will be free from magnesium and calcium that causes accumulation of a dull grey film. Besides, your drainage systems will clog less often and your coffeemaker, dishwasher and other household equipment will last longer. You will also save on operational cost since the gadget is fitted with a demand initiated valve that saves on salt.

Requires Basic Knowledge

You do need to pay an installation fee. You can fit the water softener in your home with basic plumbing skills. You can operate the equipment with minimum instructions. The water softener is fitted with an LCD for easy monitoring.

Guaranteed Customer Care

In the event of technical problems or servicing of the equipment, you only need to call and experts will look into it and restore its function.

Water utilization for home activities is essential. You should make it efficient and safe. If your water is hard, you do not need to worry. Enjoy a healthy living with your family by using water softening equipment to remove excessive ions in your water. Like this article? Kindly share it.